Tips to Make Child Tooth Care a Breeze

Our team at Gill Family Dentistry is committed to supporting parents of young children in encouraging healthy oral habits that can last a lifetime. Your child’s oral hygiene habits depend on a good foundation of tooth care that keeps dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay at bay.

To help you encourage your child to have oral hygiene, we are pleased to offer some insights into brushing and flossing. Convincing your child to brush their teeth twice a day is easier if they have a fun child-sized toothbrush and tasty-flavored toothpaste that makes brushing fun.

Flossing is another critical component of maintaining oral health, yet children often find it challenging for a while because their mouths have much less space and it’s not easy to reach every single tooth. For the first several years, you can help your child floss properly by wrapping the floss string around your pinky fingers to increase your reach to the molars and premolars. Children often thrive on encouragement such as receiving fun stickers that showcase consistency in their oral care habits.

As your child becomes more efficient and able, they can begin cleaning their own teeth with helpful tools like floss sticks, which many children find does the trick until they are ready to use traditional dental floss. Furthermore, you may find that a waxed dental floss is much easier for your child and prevents them from forcing the string between teeth and damaging their gums. Another option for your child is to use dental tape to clean around their teeth.

If you would like to receive further helpful tips on establishing good oral hygiene for children in Modesto, California, please feel free to call Gill Family Dentistry at (209) 549-1721 and schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Amandeep S Gill.