A Partial Denture Can Replicate the Basic Function of Your Missing Teeth

Without professional intervention from a dentist, untreated tooth decay can eventually lead to multiple cases of tooth loss. Even if you don’t experience any additional oral health complications the void in your mouth can severely impair your ability to chew food. Some patients who have lost multiple teeth also experience problems with the clarity of their speech and the general appearance of their smile.

If you have lost multiple teeth in one part of your mouth a dentist like Dr. Amandeep Gill might recommend extracting whatever remains of the roots before suturing your gums. Once your gums have fully healed and any periodontal infection concerns have passed, she might recommend fitting you for a partial denture.

It is a special type of removable oral appliance which acts as an abbreviated version of a complete denture. The corresponding artificial teeth will be securely bonded into a pink medium that matches the general appearance of your natural gum tissues.

Some partial dentures include small hardware components to them connect seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth. While the partial denture will fit firmly in place on its own, you might still want to apply a small bead of denture adhesive before inserting it into your mouth.

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