Make a Decayed Tooth Look Natural Again With a Composite Dental Filling

Your mouth can develop a lot of dental problems as a result of poor oral hygiene habits, including complications from tooth decay. If the cavity can be plainly seen on the tooth, it may affect the overall appearance of your smile. Our dentist can place a composite resin dental filling to repair the tooth and make it look natural again.

Our dental team can perfectly shade the composite material to match the natural color of your tooth enamel so that, once placed, the filling becomes indistinguishable from your smile. To begin the treatment process, our dentist will remove the decayed tooth enamel to form a healthy, clean surface to bond with the dental filling. After he cures the cement, your custom dental filling can effectively enhance your tooth for many years to come.

You can extend the longevity of the dental filling with proper oral hygiene habits such as brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing daily. This removes the bacterial presence from your mouth so that it can’t invade the healthy tooth enamel and cause new tooth decay around the filling.

If you suspect you have a cavity or can see one in your smile, please call Gill Family Dentistry at (209) 549-1721 today and speak with Dr. Amandeep S Gill about receiving a tooth-colored dental filling in Modesto, California.

Do You Need Dentures?

Did you know that tooth loss can result in tooth-crowding, difficulty eating and difficulty talking? That’s why lost teeth need to be exchanged for false teeth. Find out slightly more about risk factors for tooth loss by reading on below.

You are perhaps susceptible to need of false teeth if you are vulnerable to tooth loss. Risk factors for tooth loss include excessive alcohol use, being male, a lack of frequent dental care, poor dental hygiene, diabetes, high blood pressure, gum disease and rheumatoid arthritis. If you noticed that you display many of these risk factors, please contact us now to tell us about it and we’ll assist you to find the right service alternatives for thwarting tooth loss.

When a patient is missing a tooth or teeth, their dental health will suffer. Without chompers, speaking and chomping become increasingly hard. Even with just a single tooth missing, complications can arise. Sensitivity is another huge issue for people missing teeth: when the dentin layer of teeth is exposed, hot and cold substances can cause great discomfort in the teeth. And when some teeth are missing, other pearly whites can shift and become crooked, creating biting and grinding problems that will aggravate with time.

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