When It Comes to Your Teeth, It Isn’t Easy Being a Teen

As a teen, a host of peer pressures await. However, with all of the hustle and bustle for kids to fit into their preferred social circles, it is often a time when their oral health get neglected or mistreated. When it comes to your teeth, it isn’t easy being a teen. Here are some of the oral health risks you may be facing:

– Smiles of teenagers are subject to a variety of health risks, including natural ones. Wisdom teeth grow in during their teen years, and they tend to come with a host of problems including potential infections, malocclusions, growth issues, and lingering jaw pain.

– Your mouth is often at risk as a teen due to the amount of sports and similar high-risk activities it is exposed to. Protect your smile during contact sports by wearing mouth guards, face masks, and head gear when available.

– Although mouth jewelry is often considered in fashion, especially amongst teens, it is important to understand the health risks that come with it. Mouth jewelry can pose a choking hazard and even crack or chip your teeth if they come into contact with them at any time. In addition, serious infectious diseases such as hepatitis can be linked to mouth jewelry.

– Although smoking can lead to serious health disorders throughout your body, it begins by attacking your oral health, including darkening your teeth and gums and increasing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

– Do not partake in any peer-pressure situations as a teen that can lead to drugs, even recreational ones as they can deliver negative consequences for your oral health.

If you are looking for teenage health care treatments in Modesto, California, come see Gill Family Dentistry soon. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Amandeep S Gill, simply call our dentist office at (209) 549-1721. With the help of our team, the pathway to a clear smile can be yours.

Sedation Dentistry Involves a Variety of Options for Your Dental Anxiety

Does going to the dentist make you feel anxious? If you can’t sleep the night before a dental visit, you may be experiencing the effects of dental anxiety, and you are not alone. Dental anxiety is actually a common condition among people who sometimes even put off needed dental treatment because of fears.

At Gill Family Dentistry in Modesto, California our team certainly understands dental anxiety. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable during your treatment with us and have a positive dental experience to remember. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people experience anxiety about seeing their dentist and see if you recognize yourself in these scenarios.

Self-consciousness: because you are sitting still while your dental specialist hovers over closely, this can make you feel both self-conscious and vulnerable and consequently, anxious.

Past experience: probably because patients may have had an uncomfortable dental experience in their past, they may associate these unpleasant memories with future dental treatments.

Loss of control: when you sit in the chair it is hard to sit still when you can’t see what is going on and you are nervous about what to expect next. This can certainly leave you feeling anxious.

Pain: having experienced an uncomfortable procedure in the past before modern advances in pain-free dentistry might also leave you fearful of future potentially unpleasant treatment.

Thankfully, Dr. Amandeep S Gill and our team in Modesto, California offer a variety of sedation options for our patients using sedative medication based on your needs and preferences. It starts with you letting us know you are anxious so that we can work with you to feel more in control, help you understand your procedure in advance, and allowing us to provide you with the best sedation option to maximize your comfort.

For more information, please call (209) 549-1721 to speak with one of our caring staff members. We look forward to helping you create positive dental experiences!