Sedation Dentistry: The Way to a Relaxing Dental Experience

Are you ever afraid of going to the dental office? If so, our Gill Family Dentistry team is thrilled to tell you that there are products in the dental world that can help you feel more comfortable in the dental chair, and one of those products is dental sedation. Generally, there are three different types of sedation available, including:

-Oral sedation: Oral sedation comes in the form of a pill and it has similar effects to Valium. You will simply take the pill about an hour before your appointment and you will feel a bit drowsy and groggy. Depending on the dose given to you, you might fall asleep during your appointment. If that’s the case, there is no need to worry. We’ll be able to wake you with a gentle shake.

-Nitrous oxide sedation: Nitrous oxide sedation comes in the form of a gas. It is a light, flavored gas that is released from a small mask and is inhaled through the nose. Your dentist will simply place the mask over your nose and will ask you to inhale deeply for a few minutes. As the time passes by, you will feel relaxed, light headed, and a bit tingly.

-IV sedation: IV sedation is generally used for extreme dental treatments, like oral surgery. This sedative is sent into your body through an IV and it usually sends you into a deep sleep. This sedative takes effect quickly and it gives your dentist control he needs.

If you would like to know which sedation we offer at our office, please feel free to call (209) 549-1721 today and talk to a member of our helpful dental team! We also encourage you to talk to your dentist, Dr. Amandeep S Gill, when you come into our office for your next appointment so we can understand how to help you. We look forward to helping you learn more about dental sedation in Modesto, California!

Five Teething Tips

Teething can be a long, difficult process for the baby and the parents, especially if you’re not exactly sure what to do. The teething first begins when your child is about 6 months old and it typically stops around 3 years old. This is a drawn-out process that can be tiring and inconvenient. However, there are some things you can do to soothe your child and make the experience a bit better, and our Gill Family Dentistry team is happy to tell you what those things are! The five teething tips we’d like to give you are:

  • Gently massage your child’s gums with your clean fingertips.
  • Hold a chilled spoon against the sensitive area of your child’s mouth.
  • Let your child chew on a cold, wet washcloth, but make sure you are there to supervise.
  • Chill your baby’s pacifier in the fridge before use.
  • Let your child chew on a clean teething ring that you purchased at the store.

Whatever you decide to do to help teething, please do not give your child the amber teething necklace or lidocaine. These two things can be very toxic and harmful for your baby. If you need additional tips because these five did not prove to be helpful, please feel free to call (209) 549-1721 and talk to our dental team. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Amandeep S Gill, if your child is ready for their first dental appointment. We look forward to talking with you and helping your child grow into their beautiful smile!